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Jennifer was born in St. George’s Grenada, October 31, 1947. Her parents were Lyle & Phyllis Hosten. She was the youngest of five children, sisters Pamela, Aileen and brothers, Christopher and Robin.
She was educated at the Anglican High School, Grenada (Cambridge School certificate). She later obtained a B.A. (Soc. Sc.) University of Ottawa, a B.A. Hons and an M.A. (Political Science) Carleton Univ., Ottawa. She also has an M.A. in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville Univ., New Brunswick, Canada.
She represented the island of Grenada in 1970 at the Miss World Contest in London, England and won, becoming the first woman of colour to win that contest. This popular event was seen by over 100 million viewers around the world. The then newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement used the event to disrupt the show and elevate their profile, disrupting the performance of famous American comedian, Bob Hope. The 1970 Miss World contest was held when the anti apartheid movement around the world, aimed at the apartheid government of South Africa, was at its height. South Africa sent two representatives to the Miss World contest that year, one black and one white. All these factors resulted in the 1970 event being a highly controversial one.
As Miss World, Jennifer traveled to Vietnam and the far East, entertaining US troops with Bob Hope and other celebrities. Her world travels took her around the world several times. Notable tours were New Zealand and Australia. She also visited Europe, Africa the USA, South America and the Caribbean.
During her reign as Miss World, her hit single “Charlie was a good man” topped the charts in New Zealand. Grenada issued stamps commemorating her Miss World win, and a popular calypso song was written in her honour.
Since the Miss World contest, Jennifer is proud to have had a diverse career in broadcasting, diplomacy, trade negotiation, international development and hospitality. Currently, Jennifer is a registered psychotherapist.
Jennifer is married, has two grown children, Sophia & Beau and five grand children. She currently lives in Canada.
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