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Memoirs launched March 10, 2020

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From growing up on the island nation of Grenada to making her home in Canada, Jennifer Hosten has had a full and varied life.

Winning the 1970 Miss World competition was a significant turning point, and saw her embarking on tours to a diverse array of countries with other personalities and celebrities, including visiting US troops during the Vietnam war.

From here Jennifer took her love of exploring different cultures and people into work in broadcasting, diplomacy, trade negotiation, international development, business ownership, hospitality and academia. She is a proud mother to Sophia and Beau, and grandmother to her five grandchildren.

Jennifer’s life is defined by her desire to continue to learn, to rise to the challenges that come our way and give back to those around her.

Jennifer recently concuded her memoir titled "Miss World 1970: How I Entered a Pageant and Wound Up Making History", which was launched in the UK on March 10, 2020 and is available on Amazon.

Misbehaviour 2020

Nearly 50 years' after the Women's Liberation Movement
fresh perspectives and stories are emerging,
with a major motion picture and Jennifer's biography.
Jennifer Hosten
Major motion picture
Misbehaviour 2020
Gugu Mbatha Raw plays Jennifer Hosten in the movie Misbehaviour released in 2020. The comedy-drama film follows the events of the 1970 Miss World competition. See the trailer here!
Jennifer Hosten biography
New book released
March 10, 2020
Spanning a lifetime and worlds apart, Jennifer Hosten's candid biography looks at what it is to follow a path beyond humble beginnings, the nature of beauty pageants and seeing multi-faceted truth in the face of controversy.

Jennifer in 1971
Growing up in Grenada

Jennifer's childhood was spent in the heart of the tropics, in Grenada's capital city of St. George, with parents Lyle and Phyllis Hosten with her four siblings. A warm and bountiful childhood, these years proved to shape Jennifer's character.

Winning Miss World 1970

In 1970 Jennifer represented Grenada at the Miss World Contest in London and ended up winning the competition. The popular event was seen by over 100 million viewers around the world, a few factors making it particularly memorable. For one, Jennifer was the first woman of colour to take the title. However the contest was also held when the anti-apartheid movement was at its height, resulting in South Africa sending two representatives to the contest - one black and one white. Furthermore, the then newly formed Women’s Liberation Movement stated the event was an affront to women and protested the proceedings, famously disrupting the performance of American comedian Bob Hope.

Touring the World

As Miss World Jennifer traveled to Vietnam and the far East, entertaining US troops with Bob Hope and other celebrities. Her travels took her around the world several times. Notable tours were New Zealand and Australia. She also visited Europe, Africa the USA, South America and the Caribbean.

Driven to learn

Returning to university as an adult Jennifer now has two Master's degrees, one in political science from which she had practical experience from her time as a diplomat, and one in psychotherapy from which she was able to draw on personal experience. With a personal interest in the topic, Jennifer published the book 'The Effect of a North American Free Trade Agreement on the Commonwealth Caribbean' for her first Master's thesis.

Taking opportunities

Always one to test boundaries and take opportunities as they come, Jennifer has tried her hand at many different disciplines - more notably working in broadcasting, serving as Grenada's High Commissioner to Canada, working as a Canadian diplomat to Bangladesh, becoming a technical adviser on trade to the St Lucia-based Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States and owning her own business. At the time she won the Miss World competition Jennifer was working as an air hostess.

With other Commonwealth High Commissioners on a trip to Northern Canada.

Strengthening Participatory Organisations meeting to identify developmental needs of women in tribal communities, Pakistan, 1999.

From Jennifer's 2019 trip to New Zealand where she reunited with dear friends.

"It's not about what happens to you it's about how we overcome it."
- Jennifer Hosten

​Propelling Jennifer through good times and challenges is a core set of personal principles strengthened over time.

Jennifer holds personal growth, integrity, respect for all people, resiliency and having a positive outlook in high regard, taking this into everything she does.​

Throughout her career Jennifer has been motivated by a desire to help people, whether through aiding greater communication between different parties or through supporting personal development.

She recognises that her experience opened doors and opportunities, but since winning the Miss World title in 1970 she has been motivated to learn and grow professionally, and hopes her sense of adventure and love of knowledge can inspire her grandchildren.

vertical bar Pierre Elliot Trudeau
Meeting with P.M. Pierre Trudeau while serving as High Commissioner for Grenada to Canada in 1978


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